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Blood Bank Report

For many years, the Trestleboard has had a monthly feature entitled “Fluid of Life” which reported the number of units in the Lodge’s account at the Central Texas Blood Bank. Unfortunately, due to a change in the bookkeeping system at the Blood Bank, we will no longer be able to provide that information.

Under the old system, brethren could donate units to a Lodge 12 account. Each month, the number of units in that account would change, depending on the number of units donated, used, or expired that month. Under the new system, a person who donates will be given a voucher that they can turn back in for blood units, or that they can assign to another person, or to an organization such as the Lodge. That voucher will be good for a period of six months.

We hope that you will continue to donate blood at the Blood Bank, and that you will give your voucher to the Lodge. If a voucher has not been used after five months, we will transfer it to the Shriner’s Burn Hospital in Galveston so that we can continue to help that worthy cause.

Although the system of keeping track of blood has changed, our desire to help has not. Should you need blood, please contact the Lodge and we will do all we can to help you, just as before.

Grand Lodge of Texas

Austin Lodge #12 A. F. & A. M.                        

4220 Bull Creek Road, Austin, Tx. 78763


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Updated Wednesday, December 01, 1999

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