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December 1999

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Dear Brethren:

At the November Stated Meeting, twenty of our Brothers received a 50-year service award, either in person or through the mail. R.W. Bro. Gordon Kelso was the presenting officer. Congratulations to those Brothers and thank you, Bro. Kelso.

The Lodge also had Bro. Stephan Dilley, who was visiting from Germany. Bro. Dilley provided an interesting description of Masonry there. He told us that a man who is interested in becoming a Mason must attend “guest night” at the lodge, every month for as much as a year, thus giving the brethren the chance to know him better and decide if he should be offered membership in the lodge. Once that brother joins the lodge, it can take an additional 3-4 years before he finally becomes a Master Mason.. As he advances through the degrees, he will be required to prepare papers on Masonry, which he will present to the lodge, and will also be required to visit other lodges. Yet even with these differences from Texas Masonry, German Masonry still shares the common bonds of belief in God, and the desire to take a good man and make him a better man. We thank Brother Dilley for visiting our lodge.

The Grand Annual Communication of The Grand Lodge of Texas will be held on December 2, 3, and 4th. There are several interesting Resolutions and Recommendations proposed, including a recommendation to study whether Texas Lodges should conduct business in the Entered Apprentice Lodge. I will report on this and other Grand Lodge issues at our December stated meeting.

The Lodge will send a group of volunteers to work at the Capital Area Food Bank on Saturday, February 5th. Although the Food Bank benefits from many volunteer efforts during the holiday season, they have difficulty getting enough volunteers at other times of the year. Although the Lodge volunteered last year, turnout was low. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. And please bring any non-perishable food items to the lodge for our food drive starting in December. We have all gotten so much from living in Central Texas, let’s take advantage of this opportunity to give to those who are less fortunate than us.

Speaking of food, I want to congratulate our Junior Steward, Brother Gary Jones, and all those who help him, for the wonderful job they have done in the kitchen under very challenging conditions. In October, the gas company turned off our gas so that they could move our meter. Five weeks later, the gas had not been turned back on because the gas company apparently does not have anyone closer than El Paso who knows how to relight the Lodge’s boiler. We are working to straighten that out, but in the meantime, the Lodge has been without gas for the stove and hot water. But you would not know this given the wonderful meals that have been served. Brothers Melvin Warren and C.O. Jones provided delicious barbecue at the October stated meeting, while Brother Jones and his helpers served an outstanding turkey dinner in honor of Thanksgiving at the November meeting. I don’t know what Brother Jones has planned for December, but if it is anything like the last few months, you can be assured of a delicious meal. I hope you will be there to share it with us.

A large number of brethren and their guests were present on October 26 when we watched the movie “The Man Who Would Be King.” We hope to show other movies in the future, watch the Trestleboard for the date.

On behalf of all the Lodge officers, I want to wish you and your families a joyous and safe holiday season. This is such a very special time for all of us. I hope that this year will mark you happiest holiday yet. May you receive every happiness you deserve, while at the same time helping others to fulfill their goals too.

I look forward to seeing you at the December stated meeting.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Thomas Alvis
Worshipful Master

Grand Lodge of Texas

Austin Lodge #12 A. F. & A. M.                        

4220 Bull Creek Road, Austin, Tx. 78763


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Updated Wednesday, December 01, 1999

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